I am a 30-something year old hiker, backpacker, and rock climber, with a passion for gadgets of all kinds.  My gear closet is not so much a closet as a spare bedroom lined with shelves and plastic drawers full of gear that, surprisingly, I manage to use on a fairly regular basis.  I tend to go through gear “phases”, and have accumulated impressive piles of flashlights, knives, stoves, belay devices, climbing shoes, and so on.

I consider my backpacking to be “lightweight”, but not “ultralight”.  A significant chunk of my gear qualifies for the ultralight category, but I tend to carry enough extra luxuries and toys with me that I am safely bumped out of that UL weight class.  My shelter, pack, and essential gear generally constitutes a base weight below 15 pounds, but then I add a camera, some cool knives, and so forth, until the UL guys roll their eyes at me, but I have a lot of fun in the woods.


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